WordPress Training

Give your client a WordPress, he’ll be happy for a few weeks.
Teach your client to use it, he’ll be happy all year long.


WordPress Trainings

"Editor" training

In WordPress, there are several types of users. The main ones we are interested in are the administrators who run everything. And the editors who take care of the content.

With our editor training, you will be able to update your site and take control of its content!

"Admin" training

We don’t offer “admin” training.
We could, but we don’t. Why not?

Because we believe that in two days or even five, it is impossible to learn how to create a website to the same professional standards we believe in!

Customized training

If we don’t offer a global “admin” training, we can create a training to meet your needs.

A plugin, a theme or a particular function? We prepare a brief and go through them together.

in web tools

Training in web tools

Training topics

Training for social networks, training for free and paid web tools, Microsoft Office training, Canva, Figma, Microsoft Designer, Open Office, Photoshop training, Indesign, Illustrator, …

Our trainings are designed according to your needs around the tools we use daily.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we will set up a tailor-made training program.

does it work? 

How does it work?

Practical information

Our training sessions are usually held in your offices but can also be held by video or in rented offices. A classic training lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

These are trainings for 1 to 10 people and each participant must have an Internet access and a basic mastery of the computer they are using.

As much as possible, each training includes an exercise or a practical case. An aide memoire is distributed and is available online after the training and we remain at your disposal if you still have questions afterwards.

WordPress Support

Peace and Tranquility

Via our KeepUp WP service, we offer maintenance packages from 45€ / month with backups, a security layer and updates of your entire website, languages, themes and plugins.

No more worries, your website is in good hands!

Don't forget the web incentive...

The web incentive in Brussels

If you live in Brussels, the Brussels Capital Region can reimburse you from 40 to 60% of the project with a ceiling of 5000€ per year.

For which type of project?

  • The creation or redesign of a website or an e-commerce platform
  • The launch, positioning or repositioning of your online sales
  • An audit and/or optimization of your website or e-commerce platform

Want to know more?

We are here to advise you!
Or go directly to www.werk-economie-emploi.brussels/fr/prime-web

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