What is WordPress?

WordPress is the system that powered 40% of the world’s websites.
Super flexible, it adapts to all situations and is used by millions of developers in Belgium and around the world.
Did you know that the White House is powered by WordPress?

is the best ?

WordPress is the best ?

Modern and intuitive

Since 2003, WordPress has been evolving and reinventing itself to remain the best tool for your website. Translated into 120 languages, it has already been updated more than a hundred times in 15 years. An update every two months!

Editorial update in 5 clicks

WordPress is all about easy updating of your website. With or without its new Gutenberg editor, with an editor on steroids like Divi or Elementor, or with an in-house editor. Take control of your website and its content!

Owner of your content

You own your content. Development costs are fixed and with training you can take control of your site. With WordPress, your website can be exported in a few easy clicks and you are never stuck. And you are free to move to new platforms in the future without any restrictions.

Endlessly expandable (almost)

Thanks to its ecosystem of themes and plugins, WordPress is infinitely expandable. From quizzes to calendars, from video to online payment, from community sites to showcase sites, … or simply blogs. In all, there are more than 225 000 themes and 55 000 official plugins.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a WordPress website cost? WordPress is free and accessible to everyone. It is theoretically possible to create a WordPress website without any computer knowledge. However, the final result will never be professional without spending many hours and a large budget on themes and plugins. A developer will accompany you during and after your project and will allow you to have a professional final result.

WordPress is the content management system of the website pages. The theme is the layout of the content. Finally, the plugins are the functionalities of the site: a contact form, backups, SEO, e-commerce, a newsletter, a slider, …

WordPress allows differentiated access by user and the editing space must correspond to your activity on the site. Updating the content or the form? Full or custom access? Do you have subscribers or authors?

The choice of a plugin is now fully part of the development of a website. But you have to know how to choose the right plugin. We work daily with specific plugins developed in the rules of the art and used for several years on multiple websites. Nevertheless we monitor the plugins and possible security breaches.

Security updates are done automatically by WordPress. For major updates and plugin updates, we recommend at least one full update per month with a website backup. With our maintenance packages, we guarantee daily updates of the plugins and themes used on your website (see list of supported plugins).

WordPress Support

Peace and Tranquility

We offer maintenance packages from 45€ / month with backups, a security layer and updates of your entire website, languages, themes and plugins.

No more worries, your website is in good hands!

Don't forget the web incentive...

The web incentive in Brussels

If you are in Brussels, the Brussels Capital Region can reimburse you from 25 to 70% of the project with a ceiling of 10 000€ per year.

For which type of project?

To qualify for the digitalization bonus, the consultancy assignment must relate to one of the following areas:

  • the digitization of your company’s internal processes, production resources, products or services;
  • securing your company’s IT systems;
  • the development or technical improvement of your company’s website.
  • If you apply for this bonus, your company must also undertake to respect the principles set out in the Digital Responsibility Charter.

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