Social Network website

With a customized member area. From social network to classified ads,
the community website brings together Internet users who share common interests.
All this on a unique and easy to use member area. Your website.

community area

Your community area

A member's area for your users

Each user has access to a member area where he can find all his information. Profile, private messages, forums, publications, like, …

We customize the member area according to your needs.

Profile & private message

Private or public profile, each member of your website has access to a personal profile where he can fill in and modify his information.

Login, password, profile picture, biography, useful links, …

An internal messaging system or a real-time chatbox can also be installed to facilitate communication between participants.

Internal features

What will your member area be used for?

Classified ads, creation of pages, internal messaging, individual blog, internal search engine, private services, …

Let’s talk about it !

Case studies

Habitat Groupe
A project? Contact us.

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