Hosting from 100% renewable energy

At Farweb we have recently changed our hosting provider to Infomaniak.

In addition to its reputation as a premium hosting company, Infomaniak has reduced its ecological footprint by subscribing to a charter of 20 commitments. The Swiss host has not sacrificed anything in terms of quality and remains an affordable host for business websites.

Among the 20 commitments, three on energy:

  • Do everything possible to reduce and optimize your energy consumption
    Since 2013, Infomaniak has given responsibility for the company’s energy management to an employee whose main task is to manage the company’s energy consumption. His objective is to constantly improve the company’s energy performance and increase its environmental ambition.
    Since 2015, the company is certified ISO 50’001 (energy management).
    The data centers as well as the employees’ workspaces are subject to strict energy monitoring (see § Datacenters).   Infomaniak won the “Trophée Négawatt 2016”, awarded by the SIG, thanks to a 20% reduction in its electricity consumption in one year.
  • The electrical energy used by the company to power its data centers and offices is composed as follows – 60% of energy from hydraulic sources (certified “TÜV SÜD EE01”) – 40% energy from renewable sources (certified “Naturemade Star”) Objective: to supply all its installations with 100% electricity from renewable sources (Naturemade Star certified) by 2025.
  • Offset 200% of the CO2 emissions generated by the company Infomaniak offsets 200% of the CO2 emissions generated by the company, including for example: the manufacture and disposal (recycling) of servers, the production of electricity (even renewable), the transport of employees to get to their place of work as well as the airplane flights that are necessary in the course of their work.Infomaniak has been certified by the MyClimate organization for over 10 years. This non-profit foundation of Swiss origin, founded in 2002 at the ETHZ, offers comprehensive services related to climate protection.the carbon compensation of the green host is currently carried out through a CO2 storage project in a forest reserve in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland (Vallon de Soulce, Undervilier). It consists in the renunciation of the use of the wood of this reserve. The resulting wood biomass stores CO2, thus reducing its concentration in the air. In addition, the abandonment of the use of wood creates a habitat for endangered species.
And the commitments of the charter do not stop there since it also focuses on data centers, employee mobility, environmental responsibility, purchasing and waste. In short, a green company that has already joined WWF, Greenpeace, Wikimedia, Amnesty International, Summit Fundation, Equiterre, Pro Velo, … and the Farweb. At Farweb we work regularly with Infomaniak. Think about it for your next website 😉

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